Illustration Gallery

Check out my gallery of personal illustration work! Be sure to browse my store where you can buy art prints and other fun stuff.


Little Drop of Poison

CARD GAME - Players are rats and weasels locked in a deadly battle with each other and their kings. Each player attempts to gain points by poison their opponents or their furry, yet corrupt, king to death.


Car Problems

ANIMATION SHORT - Allan the car sure is having a tough day. He has decided to talk to his best friend Jake the car to sort out his emotional car problems.


Big Fantastic Universe

ANIMATION SHORT - The space explorers of the S.S. Fantastic deal with seating arrangements and the impending collision of a space asteroid.


Detective Tree

ANIMATION SHORT - He's tough on crime, tree crime, Detective Tree and his partner Tom Bush set out to find the culprit of a recent tree murder. But can Detective Tree also solve the killing of his wife?


Dairy Chef

BRANDING - Locally owned for a generation, the Dairy Chef brand recently passed into new ownership. The new visual direction, inspired by its predecessor, sought to target a mixed audience of young and old in a whimsical and fun way. What of course could be more fun that ice cream?

Time Jockeys

CARD GAME - Players compete to make the most money on contracted time-traveling excursions while cautious not to use up their total fifteen days they have in the past. THe player with the most money at the end of the game wins!